Walled Garden Mellon Park Engagements in Pittsburgh, PA

This past Sunday morning was dreamy! Addie and David said they were up for anything...the location, the time of day, everything! I love hearing this from my couples, because a little sense of adventure always assures the session will be raw and unique (plus I will probably leave the session with two new friends)! We drove into Pittsburgh together and wandered through the greenest garden I have ever seen that close to the city. I am incredibly thankful for the kindness of Rachel Kunzel (www.rachelkunzenphotography.com) who so generously shared information about this location with me! If you have never been to the Walled Garden at Mellon Park, I strongly urge you to explore it! To top it all off, we left to find a local Starbucks nearby and then we were headed home by 10am. If you are interested in getting engagements done in the city or quite a few miles away, I am almost always happy to drive together. It is the perfect opportunity to talk more about your wedding and get to know my couples on a closer level. Furthermore, if you are not exactly a morning person and are hesitant to schedule a sunrise session, scroll through these photos again. You might just change your mind!