Derek & Jazmyne - Thiel College Wedding, Greenville, Pennsylvania

This summer wedding was held at Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania, photographed by Rebecca Dinsmore on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Rebecca is a wedding photographer who is based out of Greenville, South Carolina. She photographs weddings in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

I met Derek and Jazmyne in college and getting to share their story is something I felt honored to do. The pair met in their hometown and began dating in high school, when date likes looked like Jazmyne supporting Derek and his teammates at the local ice rink for their hockey games. When they moved off to college, not much changed besides the location of the rink. Both attending schools in Erie, Pennsylvania, much of their time together including hockey skates and text books.

Around the same time that Derek was finishing his undergrad at Penn State and Jazmyne was almost through PA school at Mercyhurst, we met for their engagement session in Downtown, Erie. Although it was April, it was only 28 degrees during out session, but I will never forget their enthusiasm despite the cold. During breaks to warm up our hands throughout the shoot we chatted about their plans for the future, and I knew they had a connection unlike most people their age. When they asked me to be their wedding photographer later that year I was so excited to get to continue documenting their story.

Although they moved to State College, Pennsylvania (WE ARE, PENN STATE!!!) the summer of 2018, they planned their wedding back in their hometown to be closer to all their friends and family. When we arrived to the church the weather was calling for heavy rain, but the sun was out and we had just enough time to fit in all our scheduled wedding party portraits before the ceremony. Soon after the chapel filled with all their favorite people and the joy in that room was undeniable. These two truly made their wedding day their own, kicking it off with Harry Potter music as their prelude played by Derek’s brother on the piano. They had the sweetest family who requested one giant photo after the ceremony had come to a close. I lined up generations of their now combined families and then we ALL cheered for these two sweet newly weds (see this shot below!!)! I love working with a family that has that kind of energy and support for the bride and groom. I loved serving these kind-hearted people.

Just after we all jumped in our cars and headed to the reception, the flood gates opened and the rain DID NOT STOP. Oddly, I find that there’s something magically peaceful when it downpours during a reception. It brings your guests closer together, not having any desire to step outside or walk around the venue. I think it makes you dance a little harder and a little longer, which in my opinion is celebrating the best way you can. Scroll to see some of my favorite shots of their wedding day!