I'm Becca and most days you will find me drinking coffee, with my camera or computer close by, and a few notebooks with color coding pens to keep me organized.

10 things you'll find after one day with me:

  1. More than anything, i feel things deeply and love people/relationships

  2. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart

  3. I no longer live near my sisters, but they will always be close to me - that will never change!

  4. I'm not sure if its because its in my last name, but i love smores. chocolate and marshmallow...who could name a better duo (to layer between graham crackers)?

  5. I love nicknames and use them often

  6. Color coded everything is the way to go

  7. I am a middle child

  8. I am an ENFJ and an evenly winged 2 on the enneagram (psychology major coming through), where are my people at!!

  9. I hate capital letters...which i know makes me sound like a stereotypical millennial (which i hate even more)!

  10. I feel so true to myself with a camera (or two) strapped around me

I love meeting new people and truly dislike spending long periods of time alone. When I am not working, I love spending time outdoors, or in a local coffee shop surrounded by people and chatter. I am a talker, and will tell you a story in far too many details, I apologize in advance! I love to run, but my pace is close to a walk and I am 100% okay with that.

All my life I have recognized my identity as an artist. From age 8 to 18 I was classically trained in fine art, using mediums of charcoal, pastel, and oil paint. During college I stumbled upon photography, after losing the space and time to paint, and have been growing ever since. My grandfather, Ed Dinsmore, shared my love of photography and added to my growth. For this reason, I use his name (& my family name) in my brand title to carry on his legacy.

I graduated from Penn State with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology, but I truly have a passion for photography and storytelling. I think our gifts are all unique and our true purpose on this earth is to merely make connections and help each other learn and grow.

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